Kalkulon is a programmable expression calculator for programmers:

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Current version from 2013-05-09

for change log see readme
License GNU GPL
Windows Download from heise.de
Download from bitbucket.org
Android Google Play web page
Google Play on Android device

Kalkulon, Download bei heise Get it on Google Play

Source code

Source code

Operating systems I tested the GUI version with
- Windows 7 (mingw/Qt 4.8.x)
- Ubuntu 12.04 (gcc/Qt 4.8.x) (screenshot)
- Android (Android SDK/NDK) (screenshot)
- instruction for Mac OS X can be found here (not tested by me) (screenshot)
- should work on many more
License GNU GPL
Desktop version (console and Qt Gui) https://bitbucket.org/jholetzeck/kalkulon
Android version https://bitbucket.org/jholetzeck/kalkulon-for-android

Versions of Kalkulon

  1. Console version (kkc) compilable on every platform with standard-conforming C++ compiler (screenshot)
  2. GUI version (Kalkulon) compilable on every platform providing at least Qt 4.2 framework (see www.qt-project.org)
  3. Kalkulon for Android using NDK/JNI to bind the Kalkulon core written in C++ to the Android GUI written in Java


If you have questions, suggestions or bug reports, please contact me:

Email: contact@kalkulon.de
Homepage: www.kalkulon.de

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